Первый сторонний инструмент для PerformancePoint Server 2007?

Posted on мая 15, 2008
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Не уверен что это на самом деле первый сторонний инструмент, но это первый о котором я узнал. Вот он собственно говоря — Business Intelligence Studio.

Основные фичи:

Form Designer/Report Writer: Easy and powerful Excel-based form designer to create forms and reports. New forms can be inherited or cloned from existing forms for easy reuse. The advanced MDX wizard will create complex MDX queries for your form without having to know MDX. Rules can be run directly within the form.

Parameterized Rules: BIS can dramatically improve speed and scalability in the budget model because it can parameterize PPS business rules with the benefit of only having to recalculate the relevant section of the cube.

Line Item Detail: Update/create/ remove records from the transaction table, reference multiple measures within one model, read multiple models within a line item.

Form Controls: Drop down boxes, check boxes, short and long text boxes, and linked drop downs enable data entry with checks and controls, to ensure better data quality, smoother budgeting and forecasting processes which provide better business performance management in your organization.

Dimension Slicer: Can control one or more dynamic matrix controls, a slicer can have multiple dimension members and member set groups that can reference to each other to allow for filtering.

Multi-Model Forms: Custom template-based controls can be assigned multiple times to one form and can be controlled from the slicer. It can submit to multiple models and scenarios without having to change from one Excel form to the other. In other words, multiple cubes can be linked to the same slicers.

Simplified Dimension Maintenance: End-users can create, add, and delete dimension members and related hierarchy maintenance as well as their attributes directly within the Excel add-in without having an administrator first add the member in the PPS Biz Modeler interface.

Жирным выделил то что мне сейчас особо актуально :) К сожалению сам руками не трогал так что реально рассказать не могу. Но отлично что появляются инструменты, специализирующиеся на работе с PerformancePoint Server 2007.


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