Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers, 2Q08

Posted on мая 22, 2008
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Немного не по теме моего блога, но не мог пройти мимо :)

Gartner 24 апреля выпустил отчет —  Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers, 2Q08.

Выглядит вот так вот:


По MS пишут вот так вот:


  • Massive installed base and large community of developers and ISVs makes Microsoft’s nonstandard EAS offering (including .NET Framework, parts of MSAP and IIS) a de facto standard.
  • Visionary plans for SaaS platform technology and modeling-based software engineering («Oslo») use vast company engineering and business resources to try to catch up with and surpass leading competitors.
  • Deep integration with Windows OS optimizes performance, improves ease of deployment and use, and, in some cases, reduces the costs of engineering and the deployment of business applications.
  • Long-standing commitment to developers and ease-of-use has produced a near-dominating position of Microsoft EAS with small and midsize software projects.
  • Growing adoption of MSAP in mission-critical enterprise projects and improving Microsoft practices in support of high-end IT organizations.


  • Exclusive Microsoft reliance on Windows OS limits users’ deployment options to a single OS and a single vendor for much of the software infrastructure portfolio.
  • Microsoft does not identify its EAS capability as a distinct product. Technology representing the functionality of an EAS is spread across several products, confusing some users and complicating competitive positioning against Java EAS vendors.
  • Late entry into the SOA market (despite the early lead with Web services) and limited professional services business holds back Microsoft’s share in enterprise SOA-focused projects.
  • Strategic focus on the mass-market is the core of Microsoft’s business success, but leads to delays in adopting important high-end enterprise initiatives (such as XTP, EDA and SOA).

Со слабыми сторонами нельзя не согласиться, но согласитесь, как то они «слабоваты» :)


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